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Isopropyl Alcohol 8 fl oz. 50%, 70%, or 99% (12/case)

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Product Description

For Professional Use Only

Bump No Way Isopropyl Alcohol comes in three different strength: 50%, 70% & 99%

50% & 70% Isopropyl Alcohol disinfect and kill bacteria;

99% Isopropyl Alcohol disinfect and clean surfaces, and implements/Tools in Barber Shops & Hair Salons.

Question & Answers ( Q & A)

Q    Can I use your 99% Alcohol on my customers?

A   No, 99% Alcohol are only used to disinfect, and sterilize implements...such as Clipper Blades, Razor Blade, Stain Surface, Combs & Tweezers.


Q    What % of Alcohol is require to use in my Barber Shop or Hair Salon?

A    Regulatory body requires that all Barber Shop and Hair Solon use 70% Alcohol in all Barber Shops and Hair Salon… or Aftershave Lotion has to contain 70% alcohol.


Q    How Do I Use Alcohol on my customers?

A    After a Hair cut or shave is completed Alcohol is spray on customers’ haircuts….such as head, cheeks areas to kill any bacteria or transferrable fungus.


Q     I am currently using 50% Alcohol as Disinfectant in my Barber Shop & Salon….should I continue using it?

A     Regulatory Body requires that all Hair Salon and Barber Shops use 70% alcohol to disinfect their customers after all haircuts.

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